Roach: ‘Axe Foran forever’

By Staff Writers
February 25, 2017

I’M supporting any move to permanently sideline Kieran Foran from our game.

John Hartigan, the former chief of News Ltd, is as decent a bloke as you would wish to meet. Last week he revealed that Foran phoned his wife, the late journalist Rebecca Wilson, with menaces and threats only a few days before she passed away.

John Hartigan doesn’t tell lies. He is as reputable as anybody can be.

Sure, Rebecca often wrote with venom but she always based her opinions on powerful facts.

No journalist deserves to be threatened and Foran doesn’t belong in what we try hard to ensure is “The Greatest Game of All”.

I always believed this bloke was a decent young man. Boy, did I get that wrong.

By Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach