‘Get rid of ungrateful & disrespectful Radradra now!’

By Rocco Luca
January 12, 2017

AFTER almost 12 months of ‘will he or won’t he’ Semi Radradra has finally decided to quit the Eels and join French Rugby. Well, if the Eels have any backbone they should return the favour and get rid of the ungrateful Fijian right now.

Coming off arguably the most traumatic period in the club’s history – a time when players and fans alike needed to unite to ease the heartache, we have a player that has caused nothing but unnecessary pain and drama and Parramatta needs to rid itself of this cancer immediately.

Rugby league careers are very fickle and no one can ever begrudge a player for trying to earn a pay day to feed his family but the way Radradra has gone about it is deplorable.

Everything Radradra has achieved in the game he owes to the Eels who took a punt on him when he was discovered in the outskirts of Suva back in 2011.

Sure, the 24-year-old has taken his shot at the big time with both hands but that shot never would have come without the club. In the past 10 months he has held the club to ransom on more than one occasion and even refused to return to Australia if the club did not grant him an immediate release.

That’s not professional behaviour. You wouldn’t even treat someone you hate like that let alone the club which gave you everything.

Throughout his four seasons in the NRL Radradra dazzled, scoring tries that often beggared belief. But enough is enough. The club deserves better than this, the fans deserve better than this and more importantly the game deserves better than this.

So before this clown steals the headlines again this year and decides to escape to Fiji mid-season, the Eels need to just bite the bullet now and punt him.