Long arm of the law could go after Jarrod

By The Mole
February 25, 2017

THE Jarrod Mullen drugs scandal is set to erupt on a whole new level, with the police about to become involved.

Performance-enhancing steroids – which Mullen is alleged to have taken – are illegal in Australia unless they’re obtained by prescription, and the fact the case has attracted such massive publicity is resulting in pressure being placed on the police to act.

Word is Mullen could soon be interviewed by police and they’ll be asking who supplied him with the banned drugs.

Mullen’s career in the NRL appears to be over with ASADA set to wipe him out of the game.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last weekend that the 29-year-old is still on $15,000 a week at the Knights despite being suspended by the club.

Mullen is provisionally stood down but the club is legally bound to keep paying him until ASADA finalises the case, which could take months.