By cloudroyal
September 24, 2014

Aaron Woods and The Waiting For A Mate Bloke
Aaron Woods_Waiting for a mate

Anthony Minichello and a young Ned Kelly
Anthony Minichello_Ned Kelly

Brett Morris and Success Kid
Brett Morris_Success kid

Clinton Gutherson and Michael Berryman
Clinton Gutherson_Michael Berryman

Dan Hunt and John C Riley
Dan Hunt_John C Riley

Daniel Topou and Usher
daniel tupou_usher

Glen Stewart and Karl Pilkington
Gen Stewart_Karl Pilkington

Geoff Toovey and Hunrgy Thisty Bloke
Geoff Toovey_Hungry Thirsty bloke

Grant Mayer and Bug’s Life Caterpillar
Grant Mayer_Caterpillar

Gus Gould and Boris Becker
Gus Gould_Boris Becker

Hal Brown and Grant Hackett
Hal Brown_ Grant Hackett

Jackson Hastings and Cletus
jackson hastings

James Graham and Ed Sheeran
James Graham_ Ed Sheeran

James Tamou and Gelfling from Dark Crystal
James Tamou_Gelfling

Kevin Proctor and Grug
Kevin Proctor_Grug

Luke Brooks and Anthony Callea
luke brooks_Anthony Callea

Matty Johns and French Newsreader David Pujadas
Matty Johns_David Pujadas newsreader

Mitchel Pierce and Freddi Mercury
Mitchel Pierce_Freddie Mercury

Mitchel Pierce and Jim Carey
Mitchel Pierce_Jim Carey

Mitchel Pierce and Mario
Mitchel Pierce_Mario

Origin Streaker and AFL Coach Craig Brittain
Origin Streaker_ AFL coach Craig Brittain

Shane Flannagan and Data
shane flannagan data

Todd Carney and Angry Anderson
Todd Carney_Angry Anderson

Tyrone Roberts and Agnetha from ABBA
Tyrone Roberts_Agnetha from ABBA