By cloudroyal
September 23, 2014

Eels forward Kenny Edwards lets loose on serial pests, bizarre showering routines and secret family truths.

What’s the worst thing you have eaten?
OK, she is definitely going to kill me for this, but I have to be honest — the worst thing I have eaten is my sister’s cooking. Anything she dishes up is shocking . . . terrible. Sorry sis!

Who is your most annoying team-mate and why?
Without a doubt, 100 per cent Corey Norman. I’ve known him a long time, I went to school with him up there at Keebra Park and I knew what he was like when he came down here — I warned everyone. He is a serial pest — the guy seriously just doesn’t stop . . . Chrissy Sandow is not far behind either.

What is the weirdest pre-game ritual you have seen?
I’ve seen a couple weird ones but probably ‘Peatsy’ (Nathan Peats) tops the lot. Just before we head out for a warm-up before a game he hops into the shower for some reason. Don’t ask me why.

Have you ever cried in a movie?
Once again, I am going to be honest, I have cried in a movie. The last one I cried in was PS I Love You. I was sitting there watching it with my girlfriend and it was a real tear-jerker — so I had a bit of a cry.

What’s the worst nickname you have been given?
‘Long Back’. My glutes, as you can probably guess from looking at me, aren’t too good so I’ve been stuck with the nickname. And guess who gave me the nickname — yep, that pest Corey Norman.

Which celebrity would you most like to spear tackle?
Oh, definitely my first cousin James Tamou. We grew up together, he gave me a bit of stick when we were little and I’d love to get him with one (laughs).