By cloudroyal
September 23, 2014

Tigers funnyman LIAM FULTON dishes the dirt on pests, bad dancers, and sleeping in a kennel.
What is the weirdest pre-game ritual you have seen?
I’ve seen some pretty weird ones but the funniest and weirdest one is Keith Galloway, who thinks he is Mark O’Meley and rubs Dencorub on his head. It happens every game without fail and
I have no idea how it can help.

Who is your most annoying team-mate and why?
It would have to be, hands down, Nathan Brown. The kid just has really bad body odour and really, really bad breath. It’s very annoying and you can’t sit next to him for too long.

What was the worst trouble you got into as a kid?
Trouble? I was an angel as a kid and never got in to any real trouble – ask my parents (laughs).

What’s the worst nickname you have been given?
‘Devon head’ (in reference to a bald spot on your head, which looks like someone has stuck a slice of devon there). It got given to me a few years ago and just stuck for obvious reasons.
Where is the worst place you have slept?
Without doubt the worst place you can sleep is in a dog kennel. Before I went to England I had a big going-away party and as you expect, I was a write-off — and I don’t know how it happened but my wife found me the next day in our dog’s kennel. Poor dog spent the night outside.

Who is the worst dancer at the Tigers?
Aaron Woods, just because he tries too hard. He rates himself but let me tell you, he has no rhythm.

Who do you avoid sitting next to on the team bus?
Nathan Brown — for obvious reasons.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life and why?
Definitely ‘The Rock’. We have similar good looks, the bald head and almost identical bodies.
Which celebrity would you most like to spear tackle?
I would love to spear tackle Justin Bieber. Who wouldn’t?