NSWRL backs clubs on funding issue

By Greg Prichard
December 10, 2016

NSWRL CEO Dave Trodden has explained why his organisation has a similar view to the clubs on the issue of funding from the ARL Commission.

“I think one of the things nobody should lose sight of, and we certainly don’t lose sight of, is that virtually all the funding within the game is generated by the clubs,” Trodden says.

“Through media rights, through everything that is associated with the commercial side of the game, and I think we have an understanding of the reality which is unless the clubs are strong and unless we have a really strong and vibrant NRL competition then we don’t have the commercial benefits the game has seen over the last 10 or 15 years.

“So having a strong club network and well funded club network actually delivers funding resources for everyone else in the game, the QRL included, the NSWRL included, the CRL and the ARLC included as well.

“It’s a fundamental philosophical view about how the game best needs to be funded in order to generate rewards for everyone.”