Sironen rues missed opportunity

By Greg Prichard
November 26, 2016

BALMAINĀ great Paul Sironen says his only disappointment about the recent move of his son, Curtis, to Manly is that it eliminates the chance of his two sons playing together for the Tigers.

Bayley Sironen, who will turn 20 next month, is on the rise at the Tigers and is training full-time with the senior squad heading into next season.

“Curtis is three years older than Bayley, so they never played together growing up,” Sironen says.

“I was hoping at some stage the boys might be able to play a bit of first-grade together at the Tigers.

“I’m disappointed it can’t happen now, but that’s OK. What I want most for my sons is for them to be happy and successful.”

Curtis was contracted to the Tigers for another two years, but he was released from that and joined Manly.

“Maybe they’ll end up playing against each other,” Sironen says.

“Curtis is ripping into training at Manly and he’s really looking forward to next season.

“Bayley is in the fulltime squad at the Tigers now. He’s coming off his second shoulder reconstruction, so we’ll see how he goes.

“Hopefully he’s got all his injury worries behind him now.”