Sterlo won’t be a ‘yes man’ to Daley

By Greg Prichard
November 15, 2016

Peter Sterling has nominated what will be the golden rule for him when it comes to his advisory role to NSW coach Laurie Daley next season.

“The bottom line with me, when I’m looking at a player – and I’ve never coached – I ask the question: ‘Can we win with him?’,” Sterling says.

“And that doesn’t always come down just to ability and talent.

“I guess an example, Craig Fitzgibbon might not have been the most naturally gifted back-rower that we’ve seen in the game, but he’d be in my football team every week.”

Sterling, who is replacing Bob Fulton in the role, says Daley doesn’t want “yes men” who are going to simply agree with everything he says.

“Laurie will get his team, there’s no doubt about that, but I won’t necessarily agree with every decision or every player that’s in there, but that’s not for me,” he says. “I’m just putting forward some things.”

The former NSW skipper is an important addition to the Blues coaching staff, accoridng to head coach Laurie Daley.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have someone of Peter Sterling’s calibre take up such an important role with New South Wales Rugby League,” said Daley.

“Bob Fulton did an outstanding job in the years he was involved. He was my coach when I was in the Australian team and he has been one of my key mentors.

“Having said that, I couldn’t be happier that Sterlo was not only available, but really excited about the opportunity.

“He will bring so much to our squad that is aligned with the culture and team values we aspire to. His knowledge of the game is without peer.”