The time Donald Trump tried to buy rugby league

By Staff Writers
November 2, 2016

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has made many investments over the years, and rugby league was an apparent possibility for the business tycoon not too long ago.

Trump expressed his interest in the game in 2008 as part of his Australian tour and was quoted as telling his tour promoter, Malcolm Quinn, that he had heard a lot about the game and would love to watch a game live.

Quinn even presented the Republican leader with a Maroons jersey – making him Queensland’s biggest unofficial supporter!

We all know Trump can’t help but throw his money around, and his track record is evidence of that.

He’s dabbled in numerous investments – some successful, some not so much – and his cash injection into promoting the game would have been welcomed with open arms.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Trump cancelled his three-city tour of Australia and never made it to a game.

While we’ll never know if Trump’s interest was genuine, or whether he would have taken a risk in trying to launch the game in America, we do know the possibility was real – and having the game run in the US by the potential president of the country certainly wouldn’t help it gain exposure.

Whether Trump’s involvement in the game would be positive or not is another debate entirely.