Tolman: ‘Graham is our best leader’

By Greg Prichard
December 8, 2016

AIDEN Tolman is adamant that current club skipper James Graham should remain the job, despite suggestions he could be up for the captaincy role.

There was much speculation last month that Graham would either relinquish the job to concentrate on his own game or that the club management would make a leadership change as part of a general shake-up, but at this stage Graham still has the “c” next to his name.

Tolman tells RLW he wants that to remain the case.

“To be honest, I haven’t really heard too much about it and my stance is James is our captain, he’s the best candidate for the job and unless Des and the board see differently that’s how it will stay,” he says.

“He’s the best captain at our club and he’s definitely got the full support of the players, so I’m sure he’ll be there in the job next season and to be honest he’s probably the only one who could change that.

“If he wanted to stand down that would be his decision, but for us as players we believe in him. He’s our captain, he’s our best leader and we’ll all be behind him.”